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 Xuzhou Sanyou Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. was established in December 2002, is a set of agricultural cultivation, acquisition, processing, storage, export in one of modern agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, not far from the busy visible Longhai Railway, vans West to East. It is this set in northern Jiangsu plain silver ribbon ----- Grand Canal careful moisture and irrigation, forming a "world famous Chinese first" high-quality Chinese white garlic base.

In the "high-quality Chinese white garlic base," the drive and impact, hard-working Pizhou people with their hands on this piece of fertile land has created one after another brilliant. In response to the national call to extend garlic processing and marketing chain, directly benefit the people, my company in 2002 to build a large constant temperature 12 annual storage capacity of more than 8600 tons, mainly the acquisition of garlic and other agricultural products directly from farmers, processing storage, finishing exported to Europe, Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

  The company received in 2004 import and export qualification, export sales continued to grow over the years, in 2008 the export of garlic 34,000 tons, earning $ 6.5 million, in 2009 the export of garlic 48,000 tons, earning $ 27.4 million in 2010, exports of garlic 42000 tons, worth US $ 46.24 million in 2010, agricultural export enterprises in Jiangsu province ranked sixth by the Jiangsu province, Pizhou Xuzhou Municipal Government and grand recognition, January-October 2011, total exports of 22,100 tons of garlic, earning 2800 Ten thousand U.S. dollars. Company for many years in Xuzhou City State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau was awarded the "A-class tax credit rating", and for many years was named "Jiangsu Province AAA level contract and trustworthy enterprise" and "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province."

July 11, 2010 morning, the fifth contact in China Mining conference, when he was Comrade Liang Baohua, secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Comrade Luo Zhijun and Assistant Minister of Commerce Chong right Comrade deputy mayor of Xuzhou Zhang Fu Ning accompanied by comrades visited our booth agricultural products, and the company chairman, Comrade Wei Changmin cordial conversation, asked in detail about the case when the garlic harvest, farmers' income and exports, listening to the report of Comrade Wei Changmin, we fully affirmed Liang Shuji "in agriculture-based, three rural services" approach, encourages us "redouble their efforts to broaden the thinking and create greater success," and finally, we must entrust the development of multi-channel market, garlic sold for the best price, so that farmers earn more much money.

  In Jiangsu CIQ base of 13,000 acres of garlic, the strong support of Xuzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Agriculture Commission, we continue to introduce technology, updating varieties, and strive to improve quality, increase production, establish and improve the agricultural product traceability system, the first in the industry through the HACCP certification and ISO9000 certification. To undertake and complete the 10,000 tons of garlic Pizhou ginkgo preservation storage project, directly contributing to the base and the surrounding more than 15,500 farmers planting garlic, per capita income 650 yuan, the total income of about 45 million yuan, has made economic and social benefits .

       In recent years, the company's "Dolphin", "DOLPHIN" brand garlic in the Southeast Asian market by consumers, sales increased year by year, and successfully registered locally.

       Years of effort, we sway with sweat, the harvest rich fruits. Facing the future, we will continue to innovative ideas, and pioneering spirit. Cherish the hard-won fruits of labor, to better serve customers, serve the community and serve the people.

       Development strategy: truth-seeking, pragmatic and progressive.

       Development purposes: to-be customers, intentions to make friends.